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Best Selling Camera Bag of 2017

Best Selling Camera Bag of 2017


Whether you are a professional photographer or just a photography enthusiast. You do have to carry your bags out on the road. And if you are careless out there then it may be not so good for your camera. Not even the camera you have to protect the accessories also. if not took good care of the camera then the life of your camera may be decreased.

So for this task, you have to buy a bag for your camera. Now let me tell you that buying a camera bag is not a simple task as it seems. If not researched properly then it may not be suitable for your camera. And also there are so many camera bags available in the market that one is puzzled about which one to buy. There are bags available for the rookies to the professionals. And every person has a different need according to their camera. Some might not need a bag for tripods but some may need a bag for tripods.

Here we present best-selling camera bag of 2017

1. Beschoi DSLR Camera Backpack Waterproof Security Camera Bag

This backpack is made for the DSLR camera. It can keep a DSLR, lens, additional lens, a flash if you have one and a compact tripod or monopod. You can also add an extra tablet or other camera accessories to the compartment which is given extra.

Pros of Beschoi DSLR Camera Backpack

  1. The bag is made from the nylon fabrics, which are durable to the wear and tear during the travel.
  2. The bag is padded from inside. This helps to save the camera and its accessories from the fall that can happen. The padding also keeps the camera intact.
  3. The straps given are wide and adjustable to divide the weight equally.


  • Not suitable for the people who are rookies. It might be a costly affair for them. If we leave this behind, then it is a good camera bag.

2. AmazonBasics DSLR Gadget Messenger Bag

A basic bag by the Amazon itself. This bag does not have a brand name to support itself but is very useful.


  1. This bag is surely well built for the people who have fewer accessories with their cameras and just need a small bag to carry their camera and keep it safe.
  2. Extra pockets to carry your memory cards and a small hard disk with you.
  3. A pouch is also available for carrying a small tablet.


  1. Not suitable for a large camera with all the accessories.
  2. Not suitable for long journeys.

3. Lowepro Pro Runner BP 350 AW II


  1. Suitable for a full frame DSLR with all its accessories.
  2. Wide side straps to equally divide your wait.
  3. Extra pockets for tablets, hard drives.
  4. A compartment for the Laptop.
  5. Waterproof and heavily padded from inside.


  1. It is a costly affair for the people who need basic bags for their cameras otherwise it is a good bag for professional photographers.

4. Think-tank Airport International V3.0

The best bag available for the professional photographers. This bag provides maximum space for the needs of the photographers.


  1. It can store two full form DSLRs. With all the accessories like lenses, flashlights etc.
  2. Other pockets for hard drives, memory cards, cables, and cords.
  3. Another compartment for Laptop.
  4. The bag is padded from inside and safeguards each component.
  5. The outer side is made from nylon and is waterproof from outside.


  1. Very costly for the normal photographers.
  2. Sometimes portability becomes a problem.

So these were some best selling camera bags of 2017. We hope this article helps you.