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Top 6 Selling Camcorders Review

Top 6 Selling Camcorders Review

There are many camcorders in the market apart from the ones by Nikon Camera. It is very difficult to choose from the wide range of vlogging cameras available. However, with our top 6 camcorders review, we will definitely help you come to a wise decision about them. I have compared between the camcorders available online according to their features, design, technical specifications and much more.

1. Nikon KeyMission 360Nikon KeyMission 360

Nikon has produced some of the best gadgets and gears for the Camera segment. The new camcorder is shockproof as well as waterproof. Nikon believes in empowering their customers when they buy a camcorder hence the attention to detail. The product is tested and sold with accurate information so that it is easier to handle.


  • This camcorder comes with 8.3 Megapixel CMOS sensor. This ensures that the videos are of high resolution.
  • The unique selling point of this product is that it can record videos in 4K Ultra HD video. This facility is there only inexpensive camcorders but Nikon has made it available for a half the price.
  • You do not have to worry about connecting it to your smartphone or laptop. It offers WiFi as well as Bluetooth.
  • This product also includes a remote control so that you can operate it from a distance.
  • It has a 1700 view angle for panoramic shots. You can easily click landscapes and wide sceneries with this one.

2. Panasonic HC-V 770KPanasonic HC-V 770K

This being a dedicated camcorder, it has a fantastic 20x optical zoom. Along with the optical zoom, the image stabilization power of the recorder is awesome. The combination of the two ensures that images taken are excellent even when objects move very fast. You can also control your camera from your smartphone or tablet.


  • The camera totally adapts itself to the environment changes. You can shoot in very low light or dark rooms and still get very good performance.
  • It has a 1 / 2.3 – inch image sensor which just melts away the competition. You can witness it firsthand through the images shot.
  • It houses a 5. 1 channel microphone which does an amazing job in recording dynamic audio.
  • It can also record images in 1080p resolution which means that the output will be of standard quality.

3. Canon VIXIA HF R700

This is one of the most user-friendly camcorders in the marketplace today. You can create wonderful short films with this camera. Also, rest assured that the camera will not disappoint in terms of image quality and technical expertise. However, this camcorder does not feature built-in Wifi.


  • It has a mesmerizing 57x zoom. This ensures that you can record from miles away.
  • If you are worried about its battery then don’t be. The camcorder comes with a huge battery life and will last longer than you think.
  • The recording takes place in 1080p resolution with 60 fps. This creates wonderful videos, memories of a lifetime.
  • Possibly the best feature of this camcorder is that it is very affordably priced. If you are looking for a good quality camcorder which is fairly cheap, this is the one for you.


4. JVC GZ-R450B

This camcorder underperforms with respect to image quality and output picture resolution. However, it is worth the consideration as it is the only camcorder which is weatherproof. This means that it can record good videos when it is raining or snowing. It is also shockproof.


  • It comes with 32 GB of internal storage which is unique for a camera in this segment. This makes the camera more accessible and there is no need to rely on ports.
  • The footage is nothing remarkable but it is better than many in this price range.
  • It offers a 40x optical zoom which makes it easier to take images from a great distance.


5. Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark IICanon PowerShot G7 X Mark II

This camera is the latest in Canon’s G-series and comes loaded with features. It is better than it immediate predecessor, the G7 X as it has the DIGIC 7 processor which allows faster burst shooting rate. It also has a flip screen which is a touch screen with which you can make adjustments to the settings easily.


  • Though it is a compact camera, it has a 1 inch, 20.1 MP CMOS sensor that takes images of very high quality. It also has a 4x optical zoom that gives you an adjustable focal length with a range between 24-100mm.
  • You can share the images very easily by connecting your device via Wifi or NFC
  • You can also record pictures in RAW format which enables you to get as much detail as possible in high ISO clicks.


6. SONY A5100

This camcorder is a high performing shooter with interchangeable lenses. It comes equipped with a pop-up flash but no hot shoe. There is also no customary Electronic Viewfinder. One of the unique features is that it shows Zebra display on portions that are going to Burn-Out.


  • It has a 24 Megapixel APS CMOS sensor which produces high-quality videos and images.
  • It has a hybrid Autofocus which can operate even while recording. The recordings can be saved in XVAC S or MP4 format at the same time.
  • Its feature set can be extended by downloading apps from the PlayMemories store which is pre-installed on the camera itself.
  • The level of customization available in the camera is unthinkable. It has a four-way navigation pad that allows for easy control of the touch-sensitive screen.